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for the Quantum Era

Simulation-as-a-Service platform helping to get your product to the market faster.

Why Quanscient is the most versatile simulation platform in the world?

Our system is designed by engineers and scientists for engineers and scientists. Our Cloud API-based approach for simulations enables you to create your simulations in code providing the most versatile and flexible approach. Or you can use our web-based UI. Your choice.

You can combine different branches of physics, such as electromagnetics, fluid dynamics, and mechanics for your advanced simulation needs.


We don’t want our simulation tool to define how you solve your simulation problems. Our API allows you to customize advanced simulations exactly as you want. For a more interactive experience, you can use our UI.


Our algorithms are fast. For many problems, they provide up to 10x speed-up compared to other simulation tools. 


Your hardware performance should not be the limiting factor. Running your simulations in the cloud provides next-to-limitless scalability.


We do our utmost for our customers. You can get support directly from the experts who created our algorithms.


When the Quantum Era is here, we’ll have our algorithms ready for it. That means that you as our customer will also be ready to utilize the Quantum Edge in your simulation problems.

Introducing the next level of simulations

Instead of using desktop applications and dedicated hardware, just start using our Cloud-based Simulation-as-a-Service platform. Gain the benefits of next-to-limitless scalability of the cloud and the next-generation Quantum algorithms to reach unforeseen advantages in simulations. We want to help our customers get their product to the market faster and with improved quality!

Simulation algorithms

The most advanced numerical simulation library for Computational Electromagnetics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics simulations.

Quantum Computing

Commercially viable quantum computers are a reality soon. With our quantum computing expertise, we can deliver a true revolution in what can be accomplished with simulations.

Cloud Powered

Our Simulation-as-a-Service platform provides all the performance and scalability of the cloud. While keeping your data safe and secured and in your control.

Quanscient Team

Get to know some of the smartest minds in simulations and quantum computing.

Alexandre Halbach, PhD

CTO, Co-Founder

Alexandre is our CTO and simulation algorithms expert. He has developed our state-of-the-art multiphysics simulation algorithms and has years of hands-on R&D experience.

Asser Lähdemäki, MSc

Software Architect, Co-Founder

Asser is a life-long software enthusiast with unchallenged intuition for software architecture. Previously, he has been working as an entrepreneur and as a researcher in a world-renowned Computational Electromagnetics group.

Valtteri Lahtinen, PhD

CSO, Co-Founder

Valtteri is the lead researcher and is responsible for our Quantum Algorithm development. He is passionate about creating world-changing technologies through mathematics and physics and has more than 10 years of spearhead research experience.

Juha Riippi, MSc

CEO, Co-Founder

Juha has more than 16 years of experience in software development and digitalization businesses. During that time he has been working in international sales, programming and leadership roles.

Tel: +358 40 838 8006

Our simulation solutions

We will help you find the right tools for your simulation problems. Contact us and let’s discuss how we could scale up your simulations game!


Antennas, motors, superconductors, microwave engineering & more. Our vision is to provide accurate chip-level simulations with Quantum algorithms.


MEMS design, vibration analysis, general elasticity, nonlinear mechanics & more. Quantum algorithms will break your hardware limitations.


Aerodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, microfluidics & more. With Quantum algorithms, we will scale these simulations to unseen extent.

Time to join the quantum race is now

Investments in Quantum Computing are growing exponentially year-by-year. If you want to be among the first ones, the time to start your journey into quantum computing is now.


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